This site is all about lists. Kit lists.

You need to start by going to the 'Kit' page and create some Kits, each kit will consist of a list of items.

If you're not logged in the system will get you to login (otherwise it won't know which kits are yours)

If you don't have a login yet then Register as a new user. It costs nothing and we'll never pass your details on.


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  • Initial release

Helping you to prepare for the unexpected.

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Laid Back Prepper (LBP)

Having a simple plan in place along with a few well selected supplies can make life much easier for everyone when the unexpected happens.

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The Get Home Bag (GHB)

A Get Home Bag is a handle collection of useful items to help get you get back to base if things go awry. One in the car boot, a different one in the bottom drawer at work etc.

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